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Bits & Watts Initiative is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Energy Solutions Week 2022

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The Stanford Bits & Watts energy initiative hosted an annual gathering of its member companies. Bits & Watts is a Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy initiative that brings together multi-disciplinary research teams to develop innovations for the 21st-century electric grid. It works to develop a new grid paradigm that is needed to incorporate large amounts of clean power and a growing number of distributed energy resources, while simultaneously enabling grid reliability, resilience, security, and affordability.  Bits & Watts advisory council, composed of industry affiliate members, meets twice every year with Stanford students and researchers to discuss research, convening, and education activities.  The Advisory Council meeting also provides a broad and useful platform for knowledge exchange among industry members on current and emerging trends within the energy industry, as well as forces outside of the industry that might have bearing. Friday's program includes such topics as:

  • Electrification of Transportation
  • Wide Bandgap Semiconductor for Power Electronics
  • Floating Offshore Wind Grid Integration
  • Real-Time Electric System Emission Tracking

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Innovation Through Collaboration

Stanford Energy Solutions Week 2022

Bits & Watts Member Perspectives

Stanford Energy Solutions Week 2022

Stanford Precourt Pioneering Projects Overview

Stanford Energy Solutions Week 2022