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Stanford EV50 Launch Workshop

Date and Time: 
October 29, 2019 - 8:00am to 6:00pm
Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) –Investors Commons room

Open to all Bits & Watts members and invited guests.

EV50 Launch Workshop: Enabling beyond 50 percent adoption of electric vehicles

Imagine we are in 2030. Electrification of land-based personal transportation globally is racing to 50 percent, as trucks and freight trains near 20 percent. The 2030 electric vehicle fleets include bikes, cars, buses and passenger  trains.  The  vehicles  are  sometimes  autonomous. Ridesharing  is  much  more common than today. These vehicles vary in their performance characteristics, particularly in their range. Affordable and plentiful clean electricity powers these vehicles to meet stringent policy requirements worldwide. Recharging happens at home, at work,at charging stations in shopping lots and gas stations. The speed of charging has improved significantly, ensuring that high daily mileage—like those of long and short haul trucks—can happen with ease.

EV50 is a new Stanford research program that aims to understand the engineering, economic and policy implications of this dramatic transformation. The workshop will convene Stanford professors, a select group of industry leaders and policymakers to explore major opportunities and obstacles in electricity infrastructure development to enable 50%+ penetration of electric vehicles.  The purpose of the workshop is to collect industry input to establish the research agenda for the EV50 project. Attendance is available for Bits & Watts members and invited guests only.

EV50 Agenda

EV50 Presentor Biographies

EV50 White Paper

EV50 Workshop Presentations

Bits & Watts members are invited to also attend the Advisory Council meeting the following morning, October 30.

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