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Bits & Watts Initiative is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

Past Smart Grid Seminars

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Winter 2023 Smart Grid Seminars

Peninsula Clean Energy: Achieving 24/7 Renewable Energy

Jan Pepper | Smart Grid Seminar

Real-world Battery and DER Optimization

Julian Lamy | Smart Grid Seminar

Design, Modeling & Deployment of Scalable EV Charging Systems

G. Lee & S. Low | Smart Grid Seminar

Autumn 2022 Smart Grid Seminar

AI Platform for Energy Infrastructure Inspections

Vikhyat Chaudhry | Smart Grid Seminar

Challenges of the German Energy System

Munib Amin | Smart Grid Seminar

Detection of Faults in Large Power Grids Using Few PMU Measurements

Ali Abur | Smart Grid Seminar

Assured AI for the Decarbonization Era

Yang Weng | Smart Grid Seminar

TYRRHENIAN LINK: The Record-breaking Double HVDC Underwater Connection Between Sicily, Sardinia, and the Italian Peninsula

Video not available.
Matteo Simoncini, International Business Development North America, Terna SpA

Summer 2022 and previous

HiPAS GridLAB-D: CEC Development Status Update

David Chassin

Long-term Planning for EV Charging

Siobhan Powell

Marginal Emissions and Damage Factors

Inês Azevedo

Energy Atlas: Fine-Grained ML Mapping of DERs & Infrastructures

Zhecheng Wang

Computational Tools for Sustainable Urban Energy Systems

Jacques de Chalendar

Data-driven Control of Distributed Energy Resources

Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia

ML and AI for Grid Stability with Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Panos Moutis

Predictive Analytics for Power Systems with High Penetrations of DER

Rui Yang

Distribution System Planning: DERs & the Smart Grid

Andy Eiden & Angela Long

Evolution & Challenges of Alaska's "Railbelt" Electric System

Cicilio & Colt

Decarbonizing a Public Utility

Lena Perkins

Designing a 100% Renewable Energy System

Jens Madrian